Co-operative ID Forum & Academic Advisory Group

Co-operative ID Forum & Academic Advisory Group

The growing interest of the academic community and stakeholders in the specificities of the co-operative banking model and the need to stimulate further research on the sector are among the reasons that led to the setting up of the Co-operative ID Forum & Academic Advisory Group in January 2022.

The Co-operative ID Forum & Academic Advisory Group are composed of about 20 academic experts in the co-operative banking field and provides an important platform for discussion and exchange of information. Over the last year, several papers were produced and dis- cussed by the members and their research networks. The topics covered the most important features of the co-operative banking model, and ranged from governance and memberships to performances.

Moreover, the EACB has strengthened its  synergies with  other think tanks and research institutions specialised in co-operative finance, such as the International Research Centre on Co-operative Finance (HEC Montreal) and EURICSE. In particular, EACB is a partner of EURICSE’s yearly workshop on co-opera- tive finance and sustainable development that reached its seventh edition in 2016.

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