Why to become a member

Why to become a member

Be part of an international network !

Working with Decision-Makers

The EACB supports a legislative and regulatory environment based on better regulation principles that fit and respect the co-operative banks business model. It voices the specificities of its members in order to enhance the diversity and the plurality of the European banking industry for the benefit of Europe's citizens and small businesses.


The EACB is fully committed to defending and promoting the unique qualities and values of the co-operative banks on behalf of its members. This is done in both European and international institutions. Policy makers and regulators recognized the official voice of co-operative banks at European and International levels. Members trust the Association to defend their interests and this is the binding principle that drives the activities of the Secretariat and member representatives of the various EACB bodies. This mutual trust is a key component of lobbying efforts.

Delivering Value-Added Services

The EACB offers a Think Tank, conventions, seminars, workshops, publications and information for its members and other co-operative organizations. This is done to deepen their knowledge of European issues, keep them up to date with legislative and regulatory developments and offer them a co-operative platform.


The EACB fosters co-operation within the banking sector via other co-operative banking groups and other representative co-operative organisations. The EACB also keeps close links with other international associations of banks: IRU, CIBP and the WOCCU. Through its membership of Co-operatives Europe, the umbrella body of European and national co-operative organizations, and the ICA, the International mother organisation, the EACB maintains a European and International link with its co-operative roots.



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